This function generates complete IPMs from objects created with pdb_make_proto_ipm.

pdb_make_ipm(proto_ipm_list, addl_args = list())



Output from pdb_make_proto_ipm.


A named list of additional arguments to pass to make_ipm.


A list of IPMs.


The format of addl_args should be a nested list. The names of the outermost level should correspond to the ipm_id that the arguments apply to. Each entry of the outermost level should itself then be a named list where the names correspond to arguments to make_ipm, and the values are the values for each argument. See examples.


if (FALSE) {


proto <- pdb_make_proto_ipm(pdb_ex, ipm_id = "aaa341", det_stoch = "det")

ipm   <- pdb_make_ipm(proto)

proto <- pdb_make_proto_ipm(pdb_ex,
                            ipm_id     = "aaaa55",
                            det_stoch  = "stoch",
                            kern_param = "kern")

args  <-list(

 # The names in the outermost list should be ipm_id's

 aaaa55 = list(

   # The names in the inner list should be arguments to make_ipm()

   report_progress = TRUE,
   iterate         = TRUE,
   iterations      = 100,
   kernel_seq      = sample(2004:2014, 100, replace = TRUE)

ipm   <- pdb_make_ipm(proto, addl_args = args)