This contains an update to keep RPadrino on CRAN. Namely, it checks for internet before trying to download PADRINO, and returns the internal pdb object if there is not internet available. This adds curl as a dependency.

This contains new features, and a couple changes for compatibility with ipmr 0.0.5.


  • Accessor functions for the Metadata table now have ipm_ids as names. This enables patterns for subsetting like this:
spps <- pdb_species_accepted(pdb)
ids  <- names(spps)[spps %in% c("Carpobrotus_spp", "Geum_radiatum")]
my_proto_ipms <- pdb_make_proto_ipm(pdb, ipm_id = ids)
  • Fixed some issues from two of CRAN’s Linux machines.
  • Fixed some issues from CRAN’s Solaris machine.

This is the first stable release of Rpadrino and is available on CRAN. It includes functionality to download the PADRINO IPM Database, explore and subset data, and rebuild IPMs. Additionally, it wraps ipmr methods to get and set vital rate expressions, IPM sub-kernel formulae, parameter values, and more. Explore all the features in the vignettes and report bugs on the Issue tracker in this repository.